Adventure Netwrk Intl Extraordinary Antarctic Expeditions


Adventure Network International (ANI) offers unique expeditions to the Antarctic and there are few men who wouldn’t want to do a trip like that. Sure, it’d be colder than a four-time divorcee pursuing legal proceedings against you for infidelity but it would be the experience of a life time.

100 years ago Scott and Amundsen raced to the South Pole on foot but if you were to choose that particular trip with ANI you’d do it in a ski aircraft which covers the ground in several hours. Accommodation depends on your itinerary but often involves staying in double occupancy sleeping tents. Which sounds crazy doesn’t it. A tent to keep out the cold? They assure us it’s very comfy and it’s worth bearing in mind you’d be there during the summer from November – January but it sounds like scant consolation.

Prices start from about US$20,000 for 14 days which is nearly as bonkers as sleeping in tents but it’s worth every penny. Depending on what you’re into you can choose between skiing, ice climbing, learning Antarctic survival skills, visiting the Emperor Penguins (our favourite) and even doing an ice marathon. It’s amazing people would travel to the South Pole to go on a run. Importantly, you don’t need any cold weather or camping experience to join many of the trips so they’re open to anyone.

Pack your gloves.

Adventure Network International


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