Global Travel Photography Stonking Photo Tours Round Burma & Bhutan


Global Travel Photography offers photo tours to a variety of destinations including Burma and Bhutan. If you’re one of those travellers who spends the majority of your holiday snapping away then it’s an ideal option - except for your poor friends who’ll have to sit through your PowerPoint presentation upon your return.

The company’s packages are based around set-piece events. For instance, in Bhutan you’ll take in Thimphu Tsechu (a dance festival) while in Burma you’ll celebrate Buddha at the Ananda Pagoda Festival. The chatter with your fellow companions will probably focus on the intricacies of camera equipment so it’s probably best to go with a mate rather than your girlfriend otherwise she’ll be praying for a chloroform attack.

The groups have a capacity of eight which has obvious appeal and they rate their tours on helpful criteria such as physical demands, comfort and culture shock. Whether you prefer your goose feather pillows to perspiration, they offer something for everyone.

The beauty of the trips is unsurprisingly the imagery and you’ll be able to capture the scenes with the assistance of a guide. Each trip has a tour leader who’ll give you as much advice as you need to get the right photos. The tours last 12 days and cost roughly US$6,000 which is expensive but at least you’ll have a decent album to show for it.

Snap, snap.

Global Travel Photography
(USA) 904-537-3136


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