Urban Discovery Wacky Hong Kong Treasure Hunts


Urban Discovery runs a series of treasure hunts in Hong Kong where teams compete against each other while exploring some of the most obscure parts of the city. If you’re a big fan of organised fun – whether pub crawls, amateur Come Dine with Me or family Pictionary at Christmas – this is the Saturday for you.

The non-profit organisation runs various types of treasure hunt, all starting with a quiz to determine which team sets off first. Each team then runs around Hong Kong for approximately three hours, passing tests at various check points until they reach the finish line. Activities range from a lion dance in Aberdeen Square to identifying different types of beer, and you accumulate points at each stage before an overall winner is announced at the end. It’s like Crystal Maze on Crystal Meth.

Hunts range from ‘Culinary Kowloon’ to ‘Leisurely Lamma’ and you can compete with 20 – 500 people. It’s ideal for team-building but it’d be even better with mates or family, so long as you come from a large, Catholic and competitive background.

You'll discover all sorts of hidden beauties from the Cattle Depot Artist Village to unknown temples, and if you take on the food hunt, you'll get to sample delicacies that’d even make Gordon Ramsay furrow his botoxed brow.

Forget Easter eggs.

Urban Discovery
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