Washable Tuxedo Tux For All Occasions


The Washable Tuxedo is a brilliant new innovation. Perfect for those poker nights when you want to be formal but don’t want to worry about lamb jalfrezi ruining your tux, you simply throw the formal wear in the wash and save a trip to the dry-cleaners with all its added irritants.

It’s ideal for stags, fancy dress and walking round the house naked from the waist down pretending you’re Don Draper from Mad Men. The polyester based dinner jacket isn’t going to make it onto a Milanese catwalk, but you would be able to take it paintballing. There are pros and cons.

It’s made from recycled soda bottles, and at US$125, it’s pretty good value – certainly when you compare it against the price of a normal tux. What’s more, if you’re one of those people who consistently misses your mouth with your food (it’s amazing we still can’t eat properly after all these years of practice) then it’s a purchase you have to make, especially if you’ve got a number of weddings this summer. It’s either that or wearing a bib.

James Bond pyjamas.

Washable Tuxedo
Price: US$125 (excl. shipping)
Website: www.cintasuniforms.com


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