Wednesday, 21.2.2018

Basically Nowhere Specialty Online Fashion Boutique


Basically Nowhere has just opened for business, a brilliant online boutique that stocks a range of cool brands with free shipping to Hong Kong. As a city well known for the laziness of its citizens, witness the hilarious melee of commuters on the MTR rushing to get the lift rather than the escalator, god forbid, Hong Kong is a perfect market for these new fashion vendors who deliver straight to your door.

Getting it right in the clothing department is tricky, which is why so many of us are about as adventurous with our garments as Cheung King mansions is diligent with food hygiene. That's not to say we don’t dearly want to get it right though, and that's where Basically Nowhere comes in.

The website carries a variety of awesome brands including All Day Apparel, Archive Jewelry, Baxter of California, B: Scott, Gorjana, House of Harlow 1960, Joya Candles, life/after/denim, Marais USA, Mink Pink, N4E1, and Stylestalker. Sourced from Los Angeles to London, you'll be able to get hold of gear you just kind find in Hong Kong and we're not talking narcotics.

Basically Nowhere else you'd rather shop.

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Basically Nowhere


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