Saturday, 16.12.2017

The Armoury Artisanal Clothiers in Central


The Armoury brings together unique, artisanal clothiers who are determined to offer better quality menswear in this brand-mad city. It's a fititng place to show how far you've come since those Batman pajamas, so if you're childhood sweetheart's in town and you want to expunge the memory of that infamous sleepover, it's the perfect place to shop.

They specialise in suits, accessories and footwear with items ranging from trench coats to ties and belts, and flavours running from tropical flannel to tweed. These haberdashers may not style you the way you're looking for (they're more Hugh Grant than James Bond) but what they do know is quality. When you see the garments in person you can't help but be as impressed as Lionel Messi's older brother. 

The vast majority of their stock is handmade and bespoke but the best part of the operation is its exclusivity. It's the only place in Hong Kong you'll find many of the artisans, such as Ring Jacket of Japan (suits), Drakes of London (ties) and Carmina (shoes). The shop's also got a great feel to it - somewhere between a library in a stately home and a cigar lounge - so make sure you don't pop in for your lunch break with a BLT in hand: you'll want to take your time.

One silk tie at a time.

The Armoury
Suits from HK$8,000
3/F, 307 Pedder Building, 12 Pedder St, Central
Tel: 2804 6993


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