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How often is it laundry day in your flat? We're not talking about your work shirts, or your suits; we know they need to be cleaned, pressed and ready for the next inter-departmental orgy or late night  'conference call' over a bottle of Jack with visiting Japanese management.

We're talking the day-to-day stuff, the jeans, the shorts and especially the t-shirts. As we get older, our t-shirt collection shrivels faster than a porno booth playing Rosanne re-runs, but you still need to have a few choice morsels, a few crack-ups that bring smiles to those around you.

Do your t-shirt shopping at Six Dollar Shirts, an online boutique that boasts a massive range of crazy and funny t-shirts that are all priced less than a draft beer in Bora Bora.

From Monty Python's Black Knight and our Lord Savior riding a dinosaur, through to Facebook gags and even advice for taking out menacing zombies. These are shirts which won't date (like some of your mates), and offer first class value in time for summers at the beach or sprawled on the top deck of a junk for all the world to see.

Leave your serious face at home.

Six Dollar Shirts
Shirts from US$2.95


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