Tom Ford Tom Ford Opens a New Boutique at the IFC


In every group of guys, there is one that is regarded as (or considers himself to be) the stylista of the pack. He's more daring in his wardrobe choices, more knowledgeable on which tones and textures are in this season, and the quickest to point out fashion failures to the couture cops.

Yet it works out for him; women view him like men do a ready-built IKEA bookcase - there is a plan in action, a sense of style and a lot less maintenance required – the whole package so to speak. Fortunately nature has balanced things out by making many of these guys pricks. Tom Ford, the world famous designer that always seems to be dressed in a black suit and half buttoned white shirt, knows what men need, fashion-wise, without going over the top.

His new boutique at the IFC stocks all the simplistic but elegant Ford must-haves for today's modern gentleman, including clothing and footwear, accessories and eye wear. Located on the second floor, this 1,700sqft man-mart even offers a made-to-measure service, so you can mix and match and have everything fitted to perfection.

Lose the stylista, become the alpha male.

Tom Ford
Shop 2049, IFC
Tel: 2234 7802


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