Wednesday, 29.3.2017

Shanghai Tang Goes Festive Christmas Made Easy by Shanghai Tang


As men, we're all aware of the pressures that come with this time of year. When you're single, you can pretty much fly under the radar through Christmas and the festive season. But if there is someone special on the scene, then we all know the 'what' far outweighs the 'why'. You need something that says how you feel and defines who you are; something that claims “hey baby, you're pretty bloody great” while also making sure you come out looking like a keeper.

Fortunately Shanghai Tang is your Xmas Wingman this year. Their elegant product range means there is a little something for every woman in your life; from silky regal-colored robes that you'll enjoy removing as much as she enjoys wearing; right through to stylish leather wallets, beautiful enamel photo frames, and Spring Silver jewelry.

And don't forget, it's also the time of year to reward yourself for all that good behavior – why not with a leather laptop case from their men's Dragon collection, or the stylish Dragon whisky glass to sip your single malt from? Whether it's for the love of your life, parents, a colleague, or just someone you think is smashing, Shanghai Tang and its extensive Christmas collection makes choosing a gift a breeze - all you have to do is simply play mix 'n' match at one of their stores.

What's more, all NeCitizens are eligible for a free gift (no purchase necessary) and 10% discount just by bringing this article.

Parter Pulsit


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