Cipher Comfy Trainers for Busy Men


The holidays are almost here and that means you're dying to shrug off the Brooks Brothers and wing tips and get into something a little more...human. We get it. The corporate armor, as important as it is, is all about conforming to the office minions, about being one of the boys, not standing out from the crowd. Sadly, (or perhaps fortunately) it doesn't allow that stunning personality your momma gave you to shine bright for all the world to see.

You'll certainly be eye catching with the new range of sneakers from Cipher, an international urban fashion brand created by Canadian-born, Hong Kong-residing Collin Thompson. Using elements from contemporary art, design, music, film and high fashion – all of which featured in Collin's artistic education – the brand's second sneaker range has been designed for 'international hipsters and global lifestyle connoisseurs'.

It features simple, elegant pieces like the 'Voyager' and 'Alpha', right up to something a bit more bodacious, like the 60s wrestler-esque 'Vertigo' and 'Seditionary' high-tops. They're about as far as the office norm you can find, your colourful persona will shine bright, and you'll even have great ankle support.

Break out of your black suit shell.

From $980, available at Lane Crawford


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