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Throughout your life you've had your name spelled out for the world to see. You had a school uniform with your name on the collar, you carved your initials into a tree during your first college love affair, and your 21st birthday gifts were all inscribed with dedications. Now you can have your initials crafted, in style, just like the Wall Street banker you pretend to be at each Friday night's speed dating session.

Cuff Him may sounds like a Swedish S&M site but they actually let you put forth your name for the world to see. Their range of custom cufflinks use advanced 3D design and go from plain but elegant silver, right through to more bling than a Jay Lo beach party, including 18 carat gold and diamonds, set to your own custom design.

No matter what the fashionistas say, French cuffs will never go out of vogue, and customizing your own cuff links, by sending through signatures, sketches and images by email, is only a short step from that personalized number plate.

On your Aston.

Cuff Him
From US$350
Payment via Paypal


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