Moustache Don't Let The Name Fool You


Vintage has never looked so good. After the wild techno-coloured party that was the 1980s, and the rather shameless hangover that was the 90s, our generation has quite the fashion legacy in which to choose from – and choose from we do.

Hats are back in, Michael Jackson's leather jacket from Thriller won't get you beat up any more, and wearing pin stripped t-shirts, baby blue shorts and some of the odd ensembles you might find in yester year's methadone lines, now make for a manly fashionista.

As a guide, take a peak at Hong Kong's newest vintagophiles, Moustache, a local menswear brand that has set up shop on Aberdeen Street.

With a diverse range of clothing well suited to Hong Kong's schizophrenic climate, founders Ellis Kreuger and Alex Daye have created design classics that can be worn to the club, or on the way home the next morning, with heads held high.

Look out for the likes of Bermuda shorts, Indian cotton shirts, tank tops in colours you haven't seen for years, and even shoes, bags, and grooming products.

Everything you need to look like a character from Life on Mars.

31 Aberdeen Street, Central, Tel: 2541 1995,

Nuts & Bolts
Vintage gear for today's man

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