Shikisai Shirts To Play With


You're a confident cookie, we know that. You'd like to think you're on the cusp of the city's fashion sense – out there and couture-courageous, but not a garment guinea pig – someone that likes to wear their personality for all to see; and if people want to play with what you've got, so be it. Leave it to those quirky Japanese to create clothing that says “hey, I'm not your average bear. Come and touch me.”

The creation of Japanese dynamic duo Noto Hirotsugu and Noto Miyo, the Shi Ki Sai collection's t-shirts are all themed on interactivity; the simplistic black and white tops each feature a picture that has a fourth dimension to it, be it a lace to tie on a two-dimensional shoe; a wire from a high tension line; or a vertical game of Chinese checkers.

You can head out and use these t-shirt teasers as an excuse for 'interaction' with the fairer sex, or give them as an innovative gift.

But if you do want to show your lady friend how much of a fashionista you are, be sure to give her the one with a pull-up Venetian blind, as her summer PJ's.



Available online for approx HK$500 or at Elements, Lee Gardens and Ocean Terminal.

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T-shirts that beg to be played with


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