Get Naked Bikini Don’t Fall Apart on Us


Allow us to set the scene. She did you wrong; she dogged you with another guy, and she’s foolish to think that she’s managed to keep it from you. The idea of revenge opens up a Pandora’s Box of ideas, but we all know public embarrassment is always the chilliest of comebacks, so you wait; you plot and you wait, for the next junk trip, filled with friends and peers, and your chance to get even.

Don’t ask us why, but someone has created the ultimate fantasy in a plastic packet; the bikini which dissolves in water.

It’s a piece of art, an inspiration; a German-designed gag that looks, fits and feels like a real bikini but which starts to fall apart three minutes after she’s made that first leap off Lantau. Let's call it a truce gift.

We can’t predict which way it’ll go; will she be turned on by fate’s little slight of hand, or will she learn the lesson of her cheating ways with the humiliation that follows? Its in high demand so you might have to wait but at least it's a chance for you to level the playing field.

Just make sure you take them out of the box first.

Get Naked Bikini
€9 per set

Nuts & Bolts
A bikini that dissolves in water


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