Sleep Naked Time to Change Those Satin Sheets


We all love hotels. It’s a fact. We don’t mean two-bit dives where the rooms come by the hour (even if the clients are quicker); where the culinary offerings are encased in glass and steel, and only take bent $5 coins;

and where the management training was part of a parole program. We’re talking nice joints – places that make you feel special and successful. Where the bathrooms are big enough to swing a particularly uncooperative cat, and the beds so expansive, a guy needs to be a sprinter to catch his lady-love.

Now you can take a little slice of hotel life home (and we don’t mean by pinching the mini shampoos).

Sleep Naked
(see that instant imagery you had there?) now offer a range of lavish hotel-quality linen, towels and robes to the men-about-time in Hong Kong. They already supply the likes of the Atlantis in Dubai and the Dorchester in London, and now you have the chance to sleep in the same sheets as Charlize Theron (which is much better than Charles in Charge).

Their range feature 300 and 400-count linens, 100 percent combed cotton towels and robes that literally hug you.

Now just find someone to share them with.

Sleep Naked
From US$124

Nuts & Bolts
Resort-quality sheets now available in Hong Kong


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Sleep Naked

We all love hotels. It’s a fact. We don’t mean two-bit dives...