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As men, we have many ways of showing our bias, our loyalty, and our allegiances. We may wear silky handkerchiefs in our suit pockets to show we’re bankers, sport tattoos of brotherhood and solidarity from our misspent youth, or wear leather jackets with hand-stitched skulls to indicate which biker gang we’re in. We may stand with hand on heart, sing an anthem with pride, or pledge a blood oath to our shared rally call. Or we might just wear brightly coloured socks.

Stephen Wong, head of NY design collective Wong Wong (they don’t make a right), and former art director of Helmut Lang Studios, has made it easier for us to show (or hide) our allegiance when it comes to the football field.

He has teamed up with Happy Socks to create a collection which pays tribute to eight world soccer powers; Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy (the socks were made before the game with New Zealand) and South Africa.

The socks are made with top quality materials and come in brightly coloured hues so your loyalty will always be on show, when the goals are raining in.

Yet your walk home will be much safer.

Happy Sock Collection

Available at Lane Crawford; $120 a pair

Nuts & Bolts
Show your team the support they deserve, on your feet.


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