Sycamore Ceiling Fan Keeping Cool with Nature’s Help


Many of us know that designers have been taking credit for Mother Nature’s knack for making things work ultra-well for hundreds of years. The iconic Japanese bullet train was modelled on the beak of a kingfisher; those fancy full-body suits swimmers wear in the Olympics come from studies of shark’s skin; and even Velcro, the most prolific of household items, was created by Swiss engineer George de Mestral in 1940 after watching how the hooks of plant burrs stuck to his dog’s coat.

Inspired by the beauty of a falling Sycamore tree seed pod (dredge through your childhood memories for “heliwopters” in the school yard), the Sycamore Ceiling Fan blends nature and technology to create an energy-efficient, eye catching and blissfully quiet answer to those hot summer nights.

At its heart is an innovative aerodynamically curvy single blade that provides an air flow better than its multi-bladed brethren. Operating at three low speeds (80, 120 and 160rpm), the Sycamore Ceiling Fan creates a comfortable, natural breeze and even when it’s not turning, it makes for a nice conversation piece.

If you happen to be lying on your bed with a new found friend.

Sycamore Ceiling Fan
Available at Eurolux, 56 Morrison Hill Rd, Wan Chai, Tel: 2527 6118.

Nuts & Bolts

The ceiling fan that takes cues from nature

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