Azor No More Nicks


There are many ways for us to look good. We can comb our hair (we can even wash it); we can buy designer sunglasses or polish our shoes. We can double check out teeth before we walk out the door, wear a recognisable watch brand and concentrate on our posture.

But one simple and effective means of looking top notch to the fairer sex is shaving. I know, all the ruggedly good looking types in the movies have three-day stubble. But unless you have concrete for a chin and air brush experts as flat mates, shaving is the best bet for you.

And yet many of us dread the pained skin, the touch of the blade (or lack of touch with the electric ones) and the embarrassment of having a whole neck love bite care of your disposable razor.

The Azor, created by those cut-throats at King of Shaves, promises, like your second ever girlfriend, a much more gentle experience.

Using an internationally-patented elastomer skin ‘bumper’, blades coated with Endurium (which sounds like generic Viagra), an internationally patented ‘Bendology Technology’ flexible hinge, designed to deliver a close, comfortable and a unique wishbone-shaped head, this little razor promises you the shave of your life.

Live to your clean-shaven potential

Approx HK$40

Nuts & Bolts
Clean shaving, no nicks and cuts


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