Wednesday, 22.11.2017

S I Assault Boot Six Inches of Kick Ass


Footwear deserves more respect than we give it. After all, we’d all have vastly different feelings about delving into Mother Nature for a Sunday hike if we had to do it barefoot.

The girls in LKF would all be midgets, sprinters doing the 100 metres as slow as tortoises (at least according to the ad campaigns) and basketball players and gangsta rappers would all lose millions in branding. In fact, what we cover our feet with just might be the most important piece of clothing we buy.

With this in mind Oakley has created a civilian version (spikes don’t come out the heel and it doesn’t cost $10k a pair) of the boots they made for the US military’s elite special forces units. Lightweight and “athletically inspired” (because nothing makes you run faster than someone shooting at you), these desert cloghoppers feature prime urethane shock absorption, a “moisture wicking liner” – so you can swim with confidence – and a vulcanized rubber sole, created by Dr Spock, that provides wet and dry traction, no matter where you’re invading. There’s even an anti-microbial lining to stop that pesky foot rot next time you tackle the Dragon's Back.

Or heading out on black ops.

S.I Assault Boot
From US$175 (plus shipping)
Available online or at Shun Lee Bicycles, Lucky Plaza, Shatin

Nuts & Bolts

The ultimate hiking/invasion boot


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