J A Daye Let the Retro Reincarnation Begin


The weather can catch many expats, new to Hong Kong, off guard like a backhander from Mr T. During summer we all find ourselves perspiring quicker than school boys at Goodfellas, and newbies have to re-engineer our entire wardrobe to cater for the tropics – light weight suits for those ‘wet towel’ summers, a few layers for sudden winter mornings, and of course, suitable attire for days on the harbour. It’s enough to drive a man to drink improperly decanted merlot.

Alex Dayer faced just such a dilemma (clothes, not wine) when he moved to the Fragrant Harbour from the Big Apple. A writer by trade, he was inspired to create a collection that employed Hong Kong’s old school tailoring culture with retro designs and, “unexpected colours and fabrics”. Answer: his eponymous label specialises in that vintage ‘Life on Mars’ look that’s daring yet practical (corduroy is very durable). Step into his Hollywood Road boutique for rack wear, or, for the frigid and fidgety, self-measure (instructions on his site) for custom threads in time for junk season.

Cause this season is all navy blue.

J. A. Daye
2/F Lee Wah Mansion, 171-177 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Tel: 2545 8955 www.jadaye.com

Nuts & Bolts
Bold fashion designs with Hong Kong seasons in mind

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