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Since cave men first stabbed sticks through antelope flesh and held it over an open fire, we’ve loved to barbeque. We know very little about how our food goes from farm yard to specials board, and barbeques offer a sense of community and self-sufficiency, to ‘bring home the bacon’ so to speak.

Although there are different spellings and different processes, light up any grill, barbie or braai in a backyard or on a rooftop and you’ll draw in the blokes faster than moths to a camp fire (or teenage boys to Denise Milani).

This summer carbonize your catch of the day with Grilltech’s range of contemporary, space-saving BBQs. There are three slick styles on offer, created by local industrial designers John Brunner and Jeremy Taylor, who teamed up with Danish furniture designers to transform backyard burners into something as suave as a Spyker.

The G-BBQ1 is the largest in the range and features a patented roll-away roasting lid, just in case the UN drop by for Sunday lunch. G-BBQ 2 (pictured) and 3 are a little more suited for Hong Kong and are perfect for balcony and terrace gatherings. They feature cast iron grills and come in gas or coal.

What’s cooking, good looking?

Grilltech Barbecues
From $7,900
Available from Direct Design International

Nuts & Bolts
Designer BBQs in time for summer


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