Wednesday, 24.5.2017

Gyst Changer Bags Getting the Gyst of It


Summer is around the corner, and that means bronzing with the lovelies on Shek O, rum-soaked junk parties off Lantau, and perhaps even a spot of camping at Plover Cove.

But where ever you’re headed, one thing is for sure – there is going to be swimming, sand, sun, possibly bodily fluids, and almost certainly the need for a change of clothing now and then. And here’s where nature – and those public bathrooms - can have all the sensitivity of a liquored up Soviet proctologist. How do you find a dry spot to stand in? After all, even blokes need a little help to look their best sometimes.

Gyst concepts have thought this summer-time predicament through and come up with a sand-savvy range of ‘x-changer pack systems’; essentially back packs that unfold, towel-like, so that you not only have somewhere dry and waterproof to stand (complete with footprint outlines like at the airport scanners), but equality secure spaces in which to store those sopping leopard-print speedos. The bags are made of hardy material that’s as resistant to the elements as the leathery hide of a Miami retiree, meaning there’s no washing up to do as you transform from beach party into your evening wear.

Just brush off, before cleaning up.

Gyst Changer Bags

Messenger bags from US$93

Nuts & Bolts
Tackle nature’s wrath with Gyst changer bags


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