Whiskey Stones Time for Ingenious Iceblocks


Everywhere you turn these days, there’s talk about global warming. The arctic icebergs are breaking up and melting at an alarming rate, the Canadian government is spending millions on over-sized ray bans for polar bears, CFCs have become the new anthrax, and in the Pacific, prime ocean front properties will soon be sold as over-water bungalows. It seems that heat is the enemy; an enemy that must be stopped at all costs.

Heat is also the enemy of fine whisky, cognac and bourbon – or at least the ice cubes that bath within those delicious amber elixirs. Ice chills spirits of all kinds, but if it melts too quickly it dilutes your fire water and your tastebuds don’t get to revel in its complex characteristics. Fortunately some clever chap has come up with whisky rocks, soapstone cubes hacked from the quarries of Vermont, and ready to do duty to your glass of Dewers. Simply throw the stones into the fridge (not too hard, they’re rock after all) and serve your poison over the stones, just as if they were ice cubes.

Ice cubes impervious to Mother Nature’s wrath that is!

Whiskey Stones
US$19.99 plus shipping

Nuts & Bolts
Cool your whisky with chilled rock cubes


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