Indigo Living It’s a man’s prerogative to change his mind


Don’t you just hate it? You move to a new city, and your old furniture doesn't fit. Or you spend time procuring furniture, buying art work, finding matching cutlery, glasses, bowls, a sofa and a bedroom throne, only to be told by your company that congratulations, you’re moving to head up the Bangladesh office?

Or how often have you bought a lounge suite, throw cushions, martini glasses, only to get bored with them two months later? You change your clothing style with the seasons, so why not your décor? What you need is a little more flexibility; a little less investment and a bit more inspiration.

Indigo Living specialise in rental furniture for short or long periods – from a month to two years - which, let’s be honest, is a lifetime. They work to your budget and offer everything from designer furniture to silverware and electronics, meaning all you have to do is sit down over a latte and pick and choose your home décor. Feel like a white cotton three-seater for summer, matched with a marble and glass dining table in time for dinner party season? Match that with a nice throw rug (shag naturally) and you’re little home away from home is already coming together. And if you really like the new look, it’s all for sale.

If only everything were so simple.

Indigo Living

Suites 1813-16 18/F, Horizon Plaza,
2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau, Tel: 2552 3500,

Nuts & Bolts
Why buy expensive furniture if you can rent?

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