Montblanc Thomas Mann Writers Edition Write in the Footsteps of Literary Greats


Despite the digital age, where we all seem to be married to our Blackberrys, many of us are still writing all the time, from alimony cheques to naughty notes to cute PAs down the hall, and of course, the flourished signature on important contracts, in view of our peers and mentors. So if you’re going to do it, why not do it with style and finesse, like literary greats gone by?

In tribute to German writer Thomas Mann, whose masterpiece Buddenbrooks portrayed German bourgeois society during the 19th century, Montblanc has created the a Mann-inspired addition to their Writers Edition, each of which is dedicated to a famous writer. The Thomas Mann fountain pen was inspired by the Art Deco era in which he lived and is clad in platinum and rich, inky lacquer, with the distinctive framed lines of the 1930s. It’s not cheap but there are few ways more elegant then leaving your mark with a hand-crafted piece inspired by a literary legend.

Even if you are only signing your bar tab.

Montblanc Thomas Mann Writers Edition
Retails for $7,350

Nuts & Bolts
Leave your mark with style


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