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Of all the items in your wardrobe, which would be the first you throw into an overnight bag? Jeans, simple denim trousers popular since the 1950s, are like dogs – hardy, reliable and always ready to roll. But as popular as they are, as comfortable as yours might be, and as much time as you spend wearing them, jeans come from cookie cutters; they’re made for the masses, for models with cheese-grater six packs, for guys who look like LL Cool J in the Paradise video. They’re never going to fit like the proverbial glove.

That’s where Indie Denim comes in. They specialise in customising jeans for your body shape, meaning you can really live in a pair of jeans that are fit like a well-tailored suit. Pioneering the concept of mass-customisation in fashion, Indie offer literally hundreds of different styles, cuts and colours to create a wardrobe that’s all about you and not about the pretty boys. The company simply asks about your body shape and then uses a proprietary algorithm to figure out the perfect jeans for you. Designs are followed by computerized cutters and specialised sewing lines, and the finished product is shipped straight to you.

Of course they also use male models to display their jeans, but that’s just “motivational”.

Indie Denim
From US$145

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Jeans: Man’s True Best Friend


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