The Gurus Shop Like a Box of Chocolates…


We’ve all heard of stories of trapped genies in old brass lamps that when rubbed the right way grant you a wish. But what if you found such a mythical beast whilst walking along the Shek O shoreline and were stumped as to what to wish for? After all, the possibilities are endless. If only genies came with one of those Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” buttons.

Well, the Gurus, an eclectic shop in Happy Valley, is bound to have most of what you were looking for (the kinky stuff aside). Owned by four creative blokes (the Gurus?), the boutique sells a raft of unique design-savvy man-friendly products, including limited-edition items.

We’re talking customised iPhones, Leica cameras, Amazon kindles and e-readers, Dyson’s bladeless fans and sexy, chic table lamps, magic mouses, mountain bikes and Danish furniture. If you have something specific in mind, go in for a chat and see if they can get their hands on it for you. Like Pandora’s Box (or a night out in Wan Chai), at Guru you never quite know what you’ll end up with.

So are you feeling lucky - punk?

The Gurus Shop
Shop A2-A3 GF, 67 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley
2891 0138,


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