Vuzix Wrap 920 More Mr Spock Than 50 Cent


Technology is a great thing. It helps us across every aspect of our lives, and is developing faster than Liu Xiang can jump farm fences. These days we watch news bulletins, youtube videos and even movies on everything from wafer-thin cell phones to tiny MP4 players. But instead of sitting on your next long-haul flight perched over a tiny screen, why don’t you let technology take you to the next level?

The new Wrap 920 widescreen audio visual glasses from Vuzix, may seem like something Al from Quantum Leap might wear, but if you want to take control of what you’re watching and how you’re watching it, there is no better way than sitting back and bringing the screen to you. Featuring a 16:9 widescreen format, and a light weight sunglass-like design (sorry, the Cyclops look is out), these specs offer a virtual 67-inch viewing experience. Play both 2D and 3D films in a range of file formats, check emails on your laptop or phone, or watch internet clips with ease. You can even add a head-tracker and compass to experience virtual reality.

But that’s more Ziggy than Al.

Vuzix Wrap 920
Retails for US$349.95

Nuts & Bolts
No more squinting at tiny iPod screens


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