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Despite all the discussion and negativity over smoking, especially with the recent in-door ban here in Hong Kong, cigars seem to have gotten off scot free. There is something utterly elegant about a well-rolled Cohiba – so long as you’re not in a confined space with non smokers, Colombian drug lord limo styles. Cigars have a heritage that you don’t get with a cigarette, and matched with a nice cognac or single malt and a well stuffed Chesterfield, there are few better things in life for a gentleman at leisure.

In fact, a Hong Kong company is one of the leading producers of cigar accessories (they leave the leaf rolling to the thighs of Cuban beauties), including cutters, lighters, humidors and even golf course cigar holders, so you can concentrate on your putting and not on your smoldering Parejo. The newest additions to the Siglo collection include the Seki Cutter ($1,100), produced in Japan’s famous Samurai sword manufacturing town, and a range of elegant retro lighters (above), available in four colors from this month. These ultra-stylish lighters make for great conversation ice breakers and even if you don’t smoke, a true gentlemen should always be ready to light her fire.

Sinatra Meets Jim Morrison

Available at Lane Crawford and selected cigar stores

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Luxury cigar accessories for true gentlemen


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