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Feeling good in a pair of prescription glasses doesn't come easy; even models wearing the trendiest of labels in photo shoots seem to be struggling, and don’t give the impression they wear a pair normally. That’s not to say some people don’t pull it off – very few of us don’t have a secretary fetish somewhere in the back of our minds and horn rims can be great for ‘playing Doctor’ but it seems for guys at least, it’s a tough call.

Help is at hand. Eye-wear designer Tom Davies now offers a custom-made service that lets you get measured up by your friendly local optician (don’t tell him you’re out-sourcing, they can be vindictive) before browsing through the brand’s extensive range of frames, colours and styles (remember mirrored aviators are only for porn stars acting as metre maids or cops) and sending away your details. You tailor-made specs are then shipped to your optician for final assembly. 

20/20 vision, 10 out of 10 for good looks

Tom Davies

The Nuts & Bolts
Be the master of your own face with custom specs


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