Berluti x Krug Un Jour Briefcase California Dreamin’


You may not have thought about it much but the bag you carry can define you as much as those expensive shoes, that vintage watch, or that flashy haircut. You may have just stepped out of a Thai boxing session but if you’re sporting a backpack with that pinstripe suit, you might as well be wearing trainers and a pocket protector.

It’s the same with a chic leather he-bag; if you’re going to sport a savvy satchel with board shorts and a t-shirt expect people to ask you why the post is late. Bags catch our attention, plain and simple, so it’s important that you’re hefting a hold all that projects the right message to the world, even if that message is “I’m rather thirsty.”

In a collaboration between Parisian men’s leather shoe gurus Berluti and vintage champagne house Krug, a clutch of the former’s Un Jour briefcases have been wisely repurposed to create a new collection designed to either embrace two bottles of bubbly, or a pair of the brand’s calfskin loafers, a favorite of Frank Sinatra. Taking inspiration from the dark cherry hue of champagne house founder Joseph Krug’s notebooks, these beautiful briefcases come in two sizes – medium and large – and include an outer zip with Venezia leather zip-pulls, removable compartments for proper wine storage, and a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée with Joseph champagne glasses, naturally. Limited to only 100 pieces, these savvy satchels are the real arm candy for the season ahead.

Go forth and be judged.


Berluti x Krug Un Jour Briefcase
From HK$36,900


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