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Today’s gents looking to maintain their debonair persona should count themselves lucky. The men of the past didn’t have the raft of grooming options we now take for granted. In the late 1700s Pierre Fauchard, known as the father of modern dentistry, recommended rising with one’s own urine to kill germs and maintain good oral health.

Victorian men would slip into a strapped wooden frame each night to maintain their mustache’s shape, while bear’s grease and beef marrow were recommended for hair health. You could maintain the supple complexion of your lady catcher with spermaceti, a waxy substance found in the cranial cavity of sperm whales, and use led to wash your face each evening.

Fortunately today’s male bathroom routine is a little kinder, especially with the arrival in Hong Kong of Italy’s Selvedge Grooming products, a range of specially curated lotions and potions for males on the move. Designed to be comfortable but also practical, Selvedge’s lineup includes five multi-functional products for every modern man: the Dual Action Face Wash is an antioxidant-rich facial serum and shaving cream that removes impurities and excess oil thanks to green coffee bean extract, copper, and magnesium; while the Multipurpose Moisturiser is a lightweight hydration solution that doubles as an aftershave, complete with Siberian ginseng and bamboo extracts (ingredients well known to get the ladies purring). There’s also a Classic Pomade with aloe vera and sesame seed oil; a Grooming Balm with chamomile, bisabolol, and vitamin A; and a Grooming Wax for beards, mustaches and unruly locks that’s laced with coconut oil, carnauba wax and vitamin E. Essentially everything you need to get the day started in first gear.

And not a whale’s skull in sight.


Selvedge Grooming
From HK$170; available at Harvey Nichols from this month.



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