Hipstery Using the power of science for the sake of fashion


Science has permeated almost every aspect of our lives; Marketeers track our purchases so they can recommend products; microwaves cook our popcorn and send our emails; we clone sheep, keep Larry King alive and there’s even talk of breast implants with GPS. But when it comes to fashion, the most scientific we get is the deduction algorithm that says it’s smarter to put on our jeans first, before our sneakers.

Now some clever, if not secretive t-shirt-loving Germans are using a unique algorithm, combined with personal information given by you, to match you with your perfect t-shirt. The Hipstery, which sounds like a home for trendy nuns, has over a decade of experience, choosing customised t-shirt choices from a wide selection and sending them out from their secret bunker somewhere in the European Alps. Simply log on to their website, go through some cocktail bar-styled small talk, and they’ll use the powers of science to select the perfect t-shirt for you – guaranteed – no matter where you live in the world.

Unique t-shirt selection, reverse osmosis bottled water and iPhone porn. What will science think of next? 

Nuts & Bolts: Let science be your style guide