Saturday, 16.12.2017

Aveda Invati Men Because it’s Not Too Late


Ok, so you might not want to talk about this touchy topic, but that doesn’t make it go away – some of you, some of us, might be losing our hair. It’s a perfectly natural process (unless you’ve been standing too close to the microwave) yet there is still a certain degree of social stigma attached to male baldness.

And you’re not alone; unless your related to a television mobster of Italian decent, two-thirds of you will or have experienced some hair loss by the time you hit 35, and by age 50 a full 85 percent of your brethren will have thinning hair.

If you’ve noticed more hair in the shower drain than on your noggin, you might want to reach for the new Aveda Invati Men, a two-step system that tackles thinning hair like gold diggers tackle tycoons. A blend of natural plant extracts, sourced from Indian Ayurvedic herb specialists, powers the jab-right cross approach; Ivanti Men Nourishing Exfoliate Shampoo helps rid your scalp of dead skin, unblock pours, and sow the seeds for stronger hair at the roots of your 110,000 hair follicles, while Invati Men Scalp Revitalizer, a quick-absorbing leave-in serum powered by Amla, thickens hair at the stem while increasing circulation to the scalp. There’s even a subtle scent of fir and cedarwood that will make you smell part grizzly, part humidor, which we think is pretty special.

A grizzly humidor with thick, luscious locks!


Aveda Invati Men


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