Mr Black How Do You Take It?


Coffee; it’s the lifeblood of many a manly lifestyle, but it does so much more than just keep you awake.

There is a raft of health benefits in a cup of joe , from helping protect against type 2 diabetes (as long as your idea of a coffee doesn’t come with sprinkles and cream) and Parkinson’s disease, to lifting energy levels and cognitive function. It’s also versatile; from luxury spa treatments and meat tenderizing, to puffy eye reduction and anti-odorizing, coffee is a little bit of essential black magic.

Meet coffee’s newest incarnation, Mr Black, an award-winning, small-batch Australian cold press liqueur that’s just launched in Hong Kong. Born in one of the most vibrant and innovative coffee cultures in the world, and made from specialty Arabica beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Papua New Guinea, Mr Black is coal-hued, bitter the way you like it, and as big on flavor as a venti distilled into a ristretto cup. Cold extracted over 12 hours on the Central Coast outside Sydney, the coffee base boasts a full flavor profile without the acidity of espresso or the additives found in other liqueurs. Designed to be enjoyed solo or over ice, Mr Black is also your best friend when it comes to making energy-boosting cocktails at the beginning, or if you’re really lucky, at the end of a night out.

Just be careful, we all know coffee can keep you up.

 Mr Black
Available at Lane Crawford, HK$480


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