Sovrn Drifter Prepare for Change


Being flexible is the key to being a good traveller.

Whether you’re bedding down in a luxury hotel in SoHo or on the floor of the Calcutta International Airport, there are many variables that are out of your immediate control and the ability to adapt and evolve on the go is one of the most fundamental of the traveller’s must-have skills. It’s also good if your luggage can keep up with the chameleon act.

The Sovrn Drifter may sound like a movie about a Scandinavian psychopath but it just might be the most useful bag you’ve brought since primary school. The convertible duffle/backpack design means the bag can switch from chic carry-on to essential all-in-one rucksack in the flash of an eye. It’s as durable as a German tank thanks to high-quality canvas construction and heavy duty zippers, a breeze to grab on the go thanks to roomy PVC handles, and has room for everything you might need, from mesh canteen pockets and shoulder strap attachments to side-mounted utility straps. One minute this 30-litre bag is a leather-accented, urban-savvy hold all, perfect for a bachelor’s weekend in Bangkok, the next it’s the ultimate man bag for that ascent up the Pokhara Valley.

Because you never know what the future holds.


Sovrn Drifter
vailable in black and charcoal from US$100


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