Ministry of Supply Finally Something Good from Space


Fairly often we hear about ‘breakthroughs’ in space, new comets or black holes discovered, the Big Bang better understood, the dimples and pimples on some far-off world spied on by scientists with billion-dollar telescopes like so many teenage peeping toms.

Then again, NASA has an annual budget of over US$18 billion so surely Americans could expect something for their money. Yet how many of these discoveries really impact our lives down here on earth?

If you’re looking for the next frontier in travel clothing, NASA has sent a gift from the stars in the form of the Ministry of Supply. Created by four whizz kids at MIT, the company’s lineup of dress shirts, trousers, t-shirts, jackets, and cardigans combine state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes to create clothing that’s out of this world. Using ‘phase change’ material developed by NASA, which stores heat away from your body when you’re too warm and returns it when you get cold, each piece features a windproof membrane, a DWR coating that makes moisture bead on the outside, a waterproof membrane, moisture wicking that draws moisture away, ensuring you stay dry, and a brushed, smooth finish. Perfect for business trips, this clothing is lightweight and wrinkle-free, while polyester fibers infused with reclaimed coffee grounds ensure you’re not picking up any odours on your next journey.

Whether it’s a small step or a giant leap.

Ministry of Supply


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