Mr Porter x Kingsman Collection Spy Style


At one point or another, all of us have dreamed of being dashing spies.

And most of those dreams of debonair intrigue were fuelled by James Bond. Whether you preferred your 007 stylings in the classic forms of Sean Connery and Roger Moore, or the more recent turns by Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, one thing’s for sure – their sharp British suits were a big part of their charm. Suits are an essential part of a real gent’s wardrobe. Whether you wear a power suit every day as a titan of industry or break them out only for special occasions, every man needs a few good suits of urban armour. The fact that most women seem to get all hot and bothered over a man in a suit makes that need even more imperative.

Online retailer Mr Porter has made it easy to add some British suit swagger to your wardrobe with its new 60-piece collection inspired by Kingsman: The Secret Service, a stylish new English spy flick starring Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson. The Mr Porter x Kingsman Collection features suits and a host of other dapper items from the best British designers. Expect fine shirts and pajamas from Turnbull & Asser (who’ve dressed Winston Churchill, Ronald Regan, and James Bond); sleek sunnies from Cutler & Gross; exquisite shoes from George Cleverley (who’s shod Churcill, Ralph Lauren, and Humphrey Bogart); discrete ties and accessories from Drake’s, and plenty of exquisitely tailored custom-designed suits.

Now you’re almost ready for MI6.

Mr Porter x Kingsman Collection


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