Dry Zone by Lowepro Because Gentlemen Come Prepared


Sometimes it can be hard to predict what weather you’ll encounter on the road.

 Sure, we might pray for sun when we’re diving in the Maldives, dramatic Bali sunrises when we’re stumbling home, or clear, cold skies when chasing the Northern Lights in Norway, but let’s face it, lads: the weather’s out of our hands. And that’s why it’s important to be prepared for any climatological eventuality, and that includes keeping Mother Nature’s sneaky mitts off your kit.

Enter Lowepro’s Dry Zone collection of all-weather bags. While the collection – which includes a hold all, a 20-litre duffle, and a multi-purpose backpack – is primarily made for photographers trying to keep Antarctic swells or lap-pool splashes from damaging their gear, these rugged, versatile bags are ideally suited for any traveller looking to stray from the beaten path. Made from waterproof fabric with an IPX-6 rating, the bags are tested against high-pressure water streams from every angle, and roll-top openings, durable clip buckles, ergonomic handles and zippers, and quick-access exterior pouches make them a welcomed companion on the road. Even the day-glow yellow colour looks suitably butch.

Because you never know when you might be asked to explore behind a waterfall.

Dry Zone by Lowepro


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