Jaqet Go West


America’s Wild West was a real man’s world. The American Frontier was a time when men drank and caroused in saloons; when barroom brawls were settled in high-noon duels; and when the outlaw cowboy embodied all it was to be a man.

 And whether you were inspired by Clint Eastwood’s gunslinger extraordinaire in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Paul Newman’s justice-fleeing Butch Cassidy; or the tough-as-nails Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven, all of us went through a phase of wanting to be a gun-toting, tobacco-chewing, tough-talking cowboy. Stoic, dangerous, and free to roam, to many of us, the cowboy was our first definition of a man’s man. Except for the wardrobe.

You might spurn the ten-gallon hat, the chaps, and the spurs, but you can still inject a little Wild West unpredictability to your thoroughly modern wardrobe with the discreetly Western-inspired accessories from Jaqet. The brainchild of Jaques Flynn, the Mazda auto designer responsible for the super-sleek MX-5 Miata Spyder, the collection of elegant, bold accessories made from full-grain leather and stitched with waxed nylon thread includes wallets, belts, iPhone and iPad cases, keyrings, and lanyards. Available in a range of man-approved colours, including grays, blacks, and muted wood tones, Jaqet accessories are a subtle hint at the untamed cowboy lurking beneath your urban gentleman veneer.

Now get to working on your fast draw.



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