Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Tie Me Up Custom Noose for Your Neck


You may not know it but that thin piece of material you diligently wear around your neck each time you go to work has some pretty complex origins.

Slaves of the medieval times were said to have worn loops of rope around their necks so they could be more easily led by their masters; Croatian mercenaries wore strands of coloured fabric as part of their uniform, and brought the fashion to the court of France. Today, whether the neck tie represents modern day slavery or corporate conformity; whether you use it to protect your shirt from spilt guacamole; are pulled into passionate embraces with its aid; or buy into the notion that it’s a modern day codpiece for today’s urban warrior, there will always be instances when you’ll need to wear a tie. So it might as well be one of your own design.

Puzzle Creations allows you to create your own neck tie or bow tie in a wide range of styles, fabrics and eye-catching colours. Their TYTAN line of reversible ties, which includes everything from ArcheTYpe business ties to subtle Tycoon weaves, mean you only have to dedicate half the usual space to ties that guarantee a slice of vibrancy to any event. If you don’t see what you like on their website, simply email them what you’re after, from width and style to fabric and colour.

You neck may not have its freedom but at least you’ll slave in style.

Puzzle Creations
Ties from US$45


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