Wednesday, 29.3.2017

The General Your Wingman, Anytime


There are certain men, real and fictional, that we as a gender can’t help but hold in high regard for their pioneering spirit, devil-may-care attitude, and effortless nonchalance.

Commander Neil Armstrong, who took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind in 1969; Maverick, the authority-flouting naval aviator with a penchant for tower flybys in Top Gun; and Don Draper, Mad Men’s inscrutable and tormented yet brilliant ad exec are just a few examples. Real or not, and despite their wildly different stories, these three men all ooze an unabashed air of masculinity.

And now you can too, with the same slick, storied pair of aviators each iconic character wore. The General, by American Optical for Res Ipsa, is unique and stylish, featuring silver frames, bayonet arms and 58mm silver-mirrored polycarbonate lenses that offer fantastic UV protection. These are the aviators that Neil Armstrong worn on his mission to the moon; Maverick, Goose, and Iceman – along with the rest of the Top Guns sported these during dog fights in and out of the officer’s mess; and Don Draper throws on a pair when he’s not indoors drinking and carousing. Slide on a pair of these unique lenses and you’ll join hallowed company.

All ready for the danger zone – or making passes at the admiral’s daughter.

The General: American Optical X Res Ipsa


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