Made In Paradise Just in Time for Summer


You can probably already feel it; the chill is leaving Hong Kong’s air, the mornings are more bearable, and the evenings positively balmy – the stinking hot months of the Hong Kong summer are almost here again, and that means it’s time for a few important things: al fresco cocktails, tie-free offices, miniskirts by the dozen, and above all, a chance to strut what God gave you on every strip of sand you can find.

Enter Made in Paradise, a men’s fashion label created by childhood buddies Maurice Maghnagi and Vishal Sani that’s centred around eye-catching swimwear for today’s urban gent. Tapping into the early influences of 90s hip-hop, skateboarding, basketball, and urban landscapes, their collection of bright and contemporary togs are as perfectly suited to weekends at Sai Kung or Shek O as they are for the beaches of Bali or Phuket. Each pair of swimmers is made from high quality polyester with a Teflon coating to speed up drying time and comes with a waterproof garment bag. With designs that include everything from cellphones, tetris, and girlie posters, to rather suggestive pacifiers, the boutique boardies brand has stockiest across the region, but you can also let your mouse do the shopping with the whole range available online.

After all, you wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.


Made in Paradise
From HK$820




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