Archetypal Shaking Things Up


Getting stuck in a rut is part of life. We get comfortable at work, complacent in our relationships, and cozy in our homes. Being comfortable is not always a bad thing, but as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, and sometimes, a good shake-up is just what the doctor would order (just ask any couples’ therapist worth his hourly consultation fee). Shaking things up doesn’t always need to involve big changes, sometimes, just the smallest adjustments are enough to keep things from going stale. 

And small changes are just what the design-savvy folks at Archetypal are going for. The newly opened Hong Kong-based furniture company is capitalising on the fresh, creative designs coming out of invigorated British furniture design studios, and bringing all that innovation right here to Hong Kong. In a market that’s become oversaturated with designs that are usually either minimalist Scandinavian or lush Italian styles, the slick, contemporary furnishings coming out of London are a breath of fresh air. Archetypal boasts a carefully curated collection of original design lighting, furniture, and home accessories by brands such as SCP, Anglepoise, Decode London, Another Country, and Lee Broom.  What you’ll get here are timeless pieces of durable furniture; long-lasting investments where you’re paying for quality rather than a name.

It’s time to spruce things up.

Partner Pulsit

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