Loewe Men's Accessories A Study in Subtlety


 Whether we consciously choose them for this reason or not, the fact remains that for many of us, possessions are status symbols; subliminal markers of our wealth and position in the world. This might manifest in the form of technology (the latest Apple product), cars (this year’s Porsche 911), fashion (following the most recent, ridiculous hipster trend), or even intellectual stimulation (Francis Fukuyama’s latest political tome, rather than the latest Grisham thriller). What we often forget though, is that sometimes less really is more. 

Which is why when it comes to men’s accessories, Loewe has got it absolutely right. The truth is, gents in the know really don’t need to be showy, and neither does Loewe. Its sumptuous collection of messenger bags, satchels, travel cases, briefcases, and even leather jackets is stunning, with understated pieces which speak for themselves. Instead of making loud, splashy statements, Loewe’s men’s collection makes a strong statement of subtlety. The emphasis here is firmly on quality materials – which you can feel with the slightest touch - impeccably clean designs, and meticulous hand-stitching that result in products that reflect an elegant, timeless look. Finishing a polished look with one of Loewe’s hand-worked wallets or beautifully crafted belts is an easy declaration of class and refinement, without the need for gaudy logos and overused monograms.

Taste is the ultimate marker of style.

Partner Pulsit

Shop 2130, Level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, 3 - 27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon




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