Pretty Dangerous Channel Your Inner Bad Boy


It’s not breaking news that every girl harbours a hidden – or in some cases, not so hidden – soft spot for the proverbial bad boy. These charismatic, leather-wearing, chain-smoking Marlon Brando types are the guys that manage to have several girls at their beck and call at any one point in time. They may be loathed to admit it, but there’s a reason why the bad boy is to so many woman what kryptonite is to Superman. Now, as gentlemen, we’ve evolved beyond the rather infantile bad boy persona. But there’s no harm in making subtle suggestions to what lurks beneath – just enough to remind her she doesn’t want to drive off a cliff sitting next to a Rebel Without A Cause wannabe.

Pretty Dangerous makes these sly allusions easy to do with a collection of distinct jewellery and accessories for gents that are out of the ordinary, and hint at a hidden, darker side. The carefully curated men’s collection is sourced from independent designers around the world, and each piece has been chosen for its unique design and high-quality material. Whether it’s cheeky skull-motif cufflinks which sneak out from under your coat sleeve, or chain-link necklaces reminiscent of Al Pacino’s Tony Montana, these pieces will give off just the slightest dash of the bad boy without raising the deal-breaking red flags in her mind. If you’re looking for something a little special to reward yourself with for Christmas or your next birthday, invest in one of these little trinkets and prepare yourself for the year ahead.

Ensuring the nice guys don’t finish last.

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Pretty Dangerous


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