Franklin & Gower Avoid window shopping fatalities at Franklin & Gower


Shopping can be utterly exhausting, especially if you’re out busking for brownie points with your better half, trudging from window to window, buffeted by herds of jabbering shopaholic Ewoks scrambling for deals from the bargain bin. It feels like you’re walking through molasses, before you’re beaten to the last bench by two frisky octogenarians, armed with walking canes and false teeth.

In the only shop you find with clothes you like, the AC is off, a 12-hour tribute to MJ is playing and, needless to say, they don’t have your size. But don‘t worry, at least she’s spotted something else she likes…
Thank goodness for Franklin & Gower, a retail outfit that allows you to pick the colour, pattern, size and shape of your trousers from the comfort of your home computer (where you rarely wear them anyway). More importantly, they can provide bespoke slacks, meaning you can custom your trousers from a range of fabrics, cuts and colours. The downside is that they only sell trousers (US$185) and shorts (US$145), and their range is still quite limited. The plus side is, if you find something you like, you can get it in your exact size without entering a labyrinth of frustration.
It’s shopping without needing the stamina of a decathlete.

Franklin & Gower
International shipping fee: US$35 per order.

The Nuts & Bolts: With Franklin & Gower, you can choose the clothes you want, when you want them, from wherever you are.


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