The Power Tailor, Wan Chai Best Value Tailor in HK?


We hear a lot about tailors in Hong Kong but the best value one we’ve found is The Power in Wan Chai. Like every reasonable tailor in the city, they take your measurings but outsource the actual production. It's therefore not created in-house but you get what you pay for. A two-piece suit costs roughly HK$4,000 which is backed by excellent service and that’s where they distinguish themselves. They won’t let you leave without fantastic fitting clothes… and a promise to tell your friends about them.

Yours truly tried it out for NecesCity and came back impressed. They approached my suit, like all of their clients’, not just by measuring my frame but also by taking pictures. It ensures top results, even if the photo shoot can raise body issues. “You're very special, very special” was a familiar cry from the head tailor, David, as he snapped the strangely shaped torso in front of him.

David’s been in the business for 43 years (The Power is enjoying its 38th anniversary) while his assistant, Michael, has been there for 34. They draw on their collective experience and genuinely care about the clothes they fashion. When they weren’t confident after my first fitting, for instance, they told me to come back for a second just to make sure it was perfect. It's that attitude that sets them apart. Shirts cost HK$300-400 but you should pick out a suit while you’re at it. They’re so comfortable they might as well be pyjamas.

Power and the glory.

Address: 6 Fenwick St, Wan Chai

Phone: 2527 7830


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