Iter Hominis Launched Genuinely Stylish Men’s Brand Launches in HK


You see a lot of brands recycle the same styles in Hong Kong but talk them up as something "fresh, original, avant-garde etc." If you've ever had the misfortune of reading a press release here you'll know what we mean so thank god for Iter Hominis. They blend Italian tailoring with Japanese fabrics and the results are epic. Check out the main guy in the photo. If he wasn't in a fashion shoot you'd think he was one of the original Boers marching across the Transvaal. It's a strong look.

The brand was started by two Italians, one based in Milan and the other in Hong Kong, who fell in love with our fair city - particularly that people from all over the world seem to stop here. With that in mind, they've created a design ethic for the travelling man and chose a name to match. The word 'Iter' literally means journey, while 'Hominis' stands for man. Obviously. Your Latin teacher would be turning in his grave, muttering about gerunds.

Their first retail outfit takes up two floors on Hollywood Road and showcases their craftsmanship as well as their understated aesthetic. It's hard to put a finger on what we like so much about the brand. For one, they manage to pair classical styling with easy comfort - but for whatever reason it just works. So, if you're looking for something a bit out of the ordinary - like a polar bear hailing a cab in Jerusalem - they're well worth a look.

The travelling man.


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