Tag Heuer HD Sunglasses


A pair of sunglasses has so many uses other than the primary function of protecting your eyes from the sun. You may want to hide behind dark shades to conceal a hangover, even your identity to avoid a certain someone, or simply to look down right cool. These high-tech glades that we’ve found can do all this and more…so much more.

Tag Heuer recently launched the world’s first “Intensive“ HD sunglass lens that combines the photochromic feature with “silver flash” technology. Allow us to translate all that science for you. The vermillion-coloured lens is not only highly reflective, but also darkens within two minutes of exposure to sunlight and boasts enhanced visual acuity (à la “high definition”), making the sunglasses ideal for outdoor sports and leisure. If you wear prescription glasses, these lenses work just as well indoors or in low light, when the lenses become translucent and your eyes clearly visible. Tag Heuer’s HD technology is available in various styles, such as Club, 27° Air and Zenith, the latter of which is available at the local Tag Heuer boutique for the hefty price of HK$2,370, while the other styles can be specially ordered.

What will they think of next?

Tag Heuer HD Sunglasses
Tag Heuer Boutique, Shop OT279, Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui, Tel: 2375-0836
Bring your Tag Heuer sunglasses to Optical 88 to have them fitted with the HD technology. Visit www.optical88.com.hk for store locations.

The Nuts & Bolts: Sport a pair of Tag Heuer “Intensive“ HD sunglasses that darkens and lightens under various lighting conditions, and provides enhanced visual acuity.

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